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Traffic Tickets & Misdemeanors

Representation is provided in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk along with their many villages and two cities (Long Beach and Glen Cove). In most cases, a substantial reduction in points and fines can be achieved through the negotiation of plea deals (where lesser charges are offered in exchange for a guilty plea). Defendants always have the option of taking their case to trial but usually the risk and added time and expense make the plea deal a preferred option. Another advantage of hiring an attorney is that usually court appearances by the client are not necessary as attorneys can appear by authorization. Fees are as low as $200 to appear at the Nassau County Traffic Violation Bureau at Cooper Street, Hempstead. Fees for other courts are higher.

Consultations in Spanish or English regarding traffic matters are free. If you have cases outside of Nassau or Suffolk, I still may be able to help by making a referral to other competent attorneys.

Defend your license, minimize the risk of suspensions and insurance surcharges, avoid court appearances and reduce stress. If you’ve been given any kind of traffic ticket, contact me immediately.

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