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I was involved in a serious auto accident that caused injuries that made it impossible to do my former work as an assistant cook. This was very difficult for me as I was always a hard worker, I loved my job and I needed the income to support my family.

I had known Mr. Herman who had helped me with another matter over 20 years ago. I was very happy to hear that he now concentrates on Social Security disability cases as I knew I would be in good hands. He explained to me that Social Security denied my case because they thought I would be able to go back to work within 1 year of my car accident.

He explained that we should definitely appeal since based on his knowledge and experience, Social Security was mistaken. I had 2 knee operations, had degenerative disc disease and was suffering psychologically. He explained the importance of maintaining regular contact with all my treating doctors and doing all necessary treatments.

He obtained all the latest medical evidence for me which showed that at the time of the hearing, I was still unable to work. I received a large retroactive benefit payment, qualified for Medicare and now received monthly payments which greatly help my economic condition. Mr. Herman helped me through some very difficult times and was very reassuring about the ultimate success of my case. He is not only a good lawyer but a good person.

When I first consulted with Mr. Herman, I was impressed by how thorough he was in taking my background information and medical history. He explained in great detail, in terms I could understand about the appeal process, what services he was going to perform, his strategy for winning the case and the one large obstacle that had to be overcome.

Over the long appeal process, I contacted Mr. Herman on numerous occasions and he would always answer my questions or concerns personally. He prepared me well for what to expect at my hearing and overcame the one major obstacle and obtained a favorable decision. I am sure that I would not have won this case without Mr. Herman’s assistance and now that my financial concerns have been lessened, I can concentrate more on getting better.

I have several severe illnesses and I thought I’d easily qualify for disability. I was shocked when Social Security denied my initial application saying I could perform “light work”. Lawyer Stephen C. Herman came highly recommended and when I consulted with him, I could understand why. After reviewing my medical history he assured me I had an excellent case and explained to me the procedures, the services he was going to perform and the cost. I did not have money to pay a lawyer so I was happy that any fee would be paid only after the case was successful and come from the one time retroactive benefit check. He also kept in touch with me regarding the progress of the case. I felt very well represented at the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge who granted me the benefits. I would highly recommend Mr. Herman to anyone with a Social Security disability case.

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